Zambia Biennial Health Research conference

The first National Health Research Conference was held in 2003. It arose out of previous work done by the then Central Board of Health (CBOH) with support from Boston University under the Applied Research in Child Health (ARCH) project and the Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival (BASICS) in 1998. A review of research done in the country, five years prior to 1998 showed that most of the research done in the country had either not been published or not disseminated. It is out of this work that government started building up the National Health Research Environment and made a decision to have a National Health Research Conference every two years. A lot has been done since then. Some of the key milestones are worth noting:
1997 – Formation of the National Health Research Advisory Committee
1998 – Inventory of Health Research Work in Zambia
1999 – Setting up of a National Health Research Agenda
2005 - Formulation of the National Health Strategic Plan (2006 – 2010).
2008 – Consultative process for the establishment of the Health Research Coordinating Body   2010 – Development of the National Health Research Policy
2013 – Enactment of the National Health Research Act
2015 – Establishment of the National Health Research Authority by constitution of the National Health Research Council
2017 – Operationalization of the National Health Research Authority by putting in place a
management team and staff

We welcome all scientists, researchers, academia, policy makers, private health providers, pharmaceutical services providers and the general public to attend this very important
conference. The conference will not only showcase latest evidence health but will also recognize a number of individuals and institutions that have greatly contributed to health research and health development in general.

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