Promoting and Regulating Health Research in Zambia

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The National Health Research Authority (NHRA) is a regulatory body that was established under the Health Research Act No. 2 of 2013. The mandate is to provide a regulatory framework for the development, regulation, financing, coordination of health research to ensure the development of consistent health research standards and guidelines for ethically sound health research in Zambia. The functions of the NHRA include: research promotion, research regulation, research coordination, research capacity building, and, research dissemination and knowledge translation.

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Submit a request to conduct research, disseminate/publish research findings, submit progress reports, and Material Transfer Agreements forms.


NHRA Activities

The National Health Research Functions are achieved through the institutions activities


our mission

To promote, regulate, and coordinate ethical conduct of quality health research and facilitate translation of all research products into evidence-based policies and programs that improve the health of the people of Zambia and beyond.