All researchers are mandated to submit their research protocols to the National Health Research Authority upon receipt of approval from a Research Ethics Committee or an Institutional Review Board as dictated by an Act of Parliament (No. 2 of 2013). Researchers who fail to submit their research protocol to the NHRA and begin to conduct research are subject to disciplinary action by the National Health Research Ethics Board. 

What do I need to submit and when?

  • Request to conduct research should be submitted when initiating a new study and after REC or IRB approval has been obtained.

  • Quarterly progress reports should be submitted each quarter after receiving NHRA study approval.

  • Whenever you change a part of your research study, you must submit a Protocol Amendment first to your REC/IRB and then after receiving approval from the REC/IRB, send the approval letter and the protocol amendment itself to the NHRA.

  • Request to present findings or submit for publication should be made before presenting or submitting your findings for publication. Please first notify the Authority, in writing, citing the research title and the ethical approval obtained from the Board.

  • If you are seeking to import or export biological samples, you need to submit your protocol and a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) form. Please email to request an MTA form. In addition, please submit the request using the form below.

To submit any of these requests, please click the "Submit Request" button below: