National Health Research Ethics Board

As per the Health Research Act No. 2 of 2013, Section 14, a National Health Research Ethics Board shall regulate ethics on human and animal research as provided by or under the Act, and oversee and ensure adherence to health research ethics as provided in the regulatory framework and ethics guidelines. The members of the Board are appointed by the Council and serve on a part-time basis. The current Board was inducted in July 2017 to serve a term of 3-years and consist of members from 13 disciplines/sectors.

All Requests Pertaining to Clinical Trials, Biological Material Transfers (import/export), and Research Focused on some Key Populations must be reviewed by the National Health Research Ethics Board. The Board currently sits every last Thursday of the month, thus all requests must be submitted at least a week before the last Thursday of the month. Please refer to the schedule here. 

Current Members

Chairperson: Prof. Patrick Musonda (UNZA School of Medicine)

Vice Chairperson: Dr. Lonia Mwape (General Nursing Council)

Law: Ms. Olipa Jere Sakala  (Ministry of Justice)

Pharmacology: Prof. Chola Besa (Copperbelt University School of Medicine)

Pharmacy: Mrs. Bernice Mwale (Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority)

Theology: Mr. Aubey Hatukupa (Council of Churches in Zambia)

Biostatistics: Prof. Patrick Musonda (UNZA School of Medicine)

Epidemiology: Dr. Christine Manyando (Tropical Diseases Research Centre)

Public Health: Mrs. Albertina Ngomah Moraes (Ministry of Health)

Biomedical Science: Ms. Lakie Kalyapu (Biomedical Society of Zambia)

Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Fusya Goma (Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock)

Traditional Medicine: Dr. W.Z. Mwale (Traditional Health Practitioners Association of Zambia)

Nursing: Dr. Lonia Mwape (General Nursing Council)

Social Science: Dr. Jolly Kamwanga (UNZA Institute of Economic and Social Research)

Clinical Medicine: Dr. Aaron Mujujati (Zambia Medical Association)